Photorealistic spherical environments


An effective alternative to the creation of entirely virtual decors is the accurate 3D reproduction of an existing environment by means of a state-of-the-art photographic device: the SpheroCam.

This device captures high-definition HDR photographs of the place of your choice in a 360° sphere covering all possible fields of vision. This continually advancing technology enables total immersion in a real environment.

Once the 3D reconstruction of the photographed setting is complete, elements created in computer generated graphics such as packaging prototypes, furniture, electronic appliances, etc. can be integrated into the spherical environment, interactively manipulated and compared.

There are many advantages to such a process:

Rapidity of design
Guaranteed results
Ease of use
Less costly than a complete 3D construction



Creation of spherical environments


The different phases for the creation of an interactive 3D environment based on a real setting are as follows:

Photography with the 360° SpheroCam in the place that you have chosen under the direction of an operator and technician from VTales whose role it is to take all the measures necessary for 3D view reconstruction.
Reconstruction of the photography elements in 3D (carried out within our computer graphics studio).
Integration of 3D into the spherical photography so as to enable the interactive manipulation of your virtual objects.

Our highly flexible team of professionals operates all over the world in order to carry out the photography in the place of your choice.


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