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Biopaqc is a Canadian company, based in Quebec, offering specialised consultancy services in the area of sustainable packaging solutions. Biopaqc wants to work with you to develop integrated, sustainable packaging solutions.

Its mission is to develop and implement sustainable packaging solutions which will satisfy the performance requirements at each stage of its clients’ supply chain.

Biopaqc is determined to become the leader in sustainable packaging techniques for the manufacturing sector.

"The quality of the 3D rendering provided by the Lyncis Pack software enabled me to present the Eco-newpack© RRP concept in real-time and in an innovative manner at the PAC Green Den show, which attracted the attention of numerous companies ..." Jocelyn Buteau, CEO, Biopaqc



Biopaqc wanted to use its participation in the show organised by PAC Green Den (Pack Expo 2010 in Chicago), to prove and promote the Eco-newpack© RRP concept invented and developed by the French company Inawa.

“The PAC Green Den show at Pack Expo Chicago gave us an opportunity to promote our innovative packaging solution concept in front of numerous players in the packaging sector (distributors, manufacturers and suppliers of packaging).” Jocelyn Buteau, CEO, Biopaqc.

To ensure that presentation of the concept was as effective as possible and that it highlighted the various economic and environmental qualities of the Eco-newpack©, Biopaqc looked into several marketing solutions and tools likely to assist with achieving this. Jocelyn Buteau attended a demonstration of our Lyncis Pack software during a conference in France. This meeting gave us the chance to explore the impact that an interactive simulation such as that offered by Lyncis Pack could have on the presentation of its innovative concept.



The Lyncis Pack software enabled Biopaqc to present its Eco-newpack© packaging concept (rendered in 3D) through a realistic photo quality demonstration in a virtual point-of-sale.

Lyncis Pack is an innovative communications tool which creates synergy between marketing, design and the customer. It enables market studies to be more effectively managed and provides support for new product launches as well as enhancing marketing effectiveness and prototype development.



“Existing products (boxes of Theobroma chocolate from Vigneault Chocolatier) will be inserted in the packaging in order to present the Eco-Newpack© concept. This will show how Eco-newpack© works in practice.”
Jocelyn Buteau, CEO, Biopaqc

The elements necessary for the demonstration were firstly created in 3D.

The secondary packaging was created using ArtiosCAD (Esko):
  * Eco-newpack© RRP:
    - A corrugated cardboard tray.
    - A front and rear panel made from corrugated cardboard.
The primary packaging was modelled using 3DS Max (Autodesk):
  * The Theobroma box of chocolates.
  * The Theobroma chocolate bar.



“Right from the initial stages of the project, we visualise and validate the virtual prototypes created, using the Lyncis Pack software. This enables us to quickly and easily identify any design mistakes, thereby avoiding producing a faulty real-world prototype and at the same time avoiding the costs associated with the sample.”

Jérémi Sterckmans, production manager, VTales graphics

After modelling and transferring the 3D elements to Lyncis Pack, they were able to be assembled in real-time. The six Theobroma boxes of chocolate and their contents were placed in the Eco-newpack© tray. The front and rear panels of the RRP closed up the pack. This was then placed on the shelf in the virtual shop, thereby completing the preparation for the demonstration.

“In addition to the tools traditionally used for a presentation (PowerPoint, actual samples, etc.), Biopaqc now had a visual tool enabling it to more effectively highlight the innovative aspects of its RRP concept by showing it in a sales setting.”

Jérémi Sterckmans, production manager, VTales graphics


Biopaqc’s presentation attracted a lot of attention from the various participants encountered at PAC Green Den during the Pack Expo trade show in Chicago. The results obtained using Lyncis Pack were particularly appreciated by the inventor of Eco-newpack©, the cardboard manufactures who are currently developing the concept and Vigneault Chocolatier.

“Clearly a success at PAC Green Den in Chicago on 2 November last … Biopaqc made a good impression when presenting the Eco-newpack© RRP concept. Walmart, Conagra Foods, Unilever, McCain Foods and Maple Leaf Foods all had the opportunity to meet us to discuss this concept and set out the next extremely promising steps to take.”
Jocelyn Buteau, CEO, Biopaqc


Our Lyncis Pack packaging visualisation software is now available from Esko under the Store Visualizer brand.



Jocelyn Buteau, CEO
Vigneault Chocolatier
  Inawa - Eco-Newpack©
Pierre CHEVALIER, CEO, inventor and developer of the Eco-newpack© range.




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