New fields of application


Developed initially in the packaging and then architecture sectors, real-time 3D virtual reality as conceived by VTales graphics has the specific aim of placing itself at the heart of the development strategy of numerous other economic fields. Thanks to its ability to combine photorealistic simulation and interactivity, our technology represents a package of effective visualization and communication solutions that can be used at the various stages of project creation, both for collaborative internal working and for external presentation to partners, clients and investors.

The fields which we believe could profit from our technology are, amongst others:

Urban planning, civil engineering (visualization of large-scale projects)
Simulator and training for industrial infrastructure safety
Modeling of prototypes in the context of project design or the high-tech industry
Flight simulator, motor vehicle driving simulator, naval simulator, etc.


Motion picture


VTales hopes to become a key innovator in various sectors, particularly the film and animation industries.

We are developing an exciting new technology for application in the compositing sector. This technology will propel the film and animation industries into a new era where SFX and cinematography techniques will be joined together directly during the filming.


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