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The architectural sector encompasses numerous fields, from design to construction of individual houses, from public buildings (hospitals, airports, train stations, etc.) to full urban planning of an entire region. So, as space becomes more and more constricted and expensive for building, more and more ambitious architectural projects are emerging.

Actually, image synthesis is used primarily for creating images for advertisements, which demonstrate the approximate appearance of a future project to prospective customers or to the general public (in newspapers or on signs on the site of the future construction, for example). The quality of these images is often poor. Animations, while offering the advantage of movement, are high cost, take a considerable amount of time to produce, and limit the architect due to the impossibility of making changes after the fact. Most important of all, they restrain freedom of movement to the single camera trajectory that was used when producing the animation.

Our technology makes it possible to fully “virtualise” the development and presentation cycle of an architectural or construction project of any scale. The primary goal is to visualise structures in an interactive way within their final environment, for example a building placed on the land where it will be built. Changes and alternatives regarding the structure of the building, materials and lighting can be performed on the spot, yielding a visual result almost identical to a photograph or film. New and unconventional design ideas can be evaluated efficiently without introducing the risk of additional costs.

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