Store Visualizer is a software application that gives you a realistic and real-time presentation of what packaging models will look like at the point of sale.

The software was created for the packaging industry and for the first time ever you now have the chance to assess the impact of a prototype in its display space from the very start of the design process.

Store Visualizer is a new addition to the traditional CAD and CAM creation process. Once it is transfered into software, the model created by the design department is integrated into the selected store setting. You can then make on-the-spot changes to certain parameters of the prototype, such as size or colour, and analyse their effect from different points of view.


Why use Store Visualizer ?

With its highly innovative virtual technology, Store Visualizer offers you a range of exciting benefits. It will allow you to:

Focus right away on what the product will look like at the point of sale as well as on its functional aspects. This will speed up your creation process.
Test a packaging model in its initial stages. This means that you’ll be able to identify design errors faster, so you can avoid building expensive and unnecessary prototypes.
Give designers the opportunity to quickly compare a larger number of possible designs. This will also stimulate their creativity.
Target the design requirements of the client more closely. This will help you to enhance cooperation between marketing managers and designers.
Present the client with a variety of attractive and impressive designs integrated in a realistic sales environment. If necessary, you can then make changes on the spot.
Submit a file to the client with the meeting’s contents, and so speed up decision-making.
Add a supplementary inspection to the various work phases to enhance quality.




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