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Gent (Belgium), February 2011 – Thanks to the joined effort of EskoArtwork and VTales Graphics (, a new software application has been created that allows brand owners and retailers to assess the on-the-shelf and point-of-sale impact of their packaging and displays. The partnership draws on EskoArtwork’s expertise in creating hyper realistic 3D packaging models and VTales’ state-of-the art visualization technology. The result is called “Esko Store Visualizer”. It is a new solution that lets users place virtual objects in photographed scenes, enabling them to see their designs in an in-store setting and determine how they compare with rival products.

“Most buying decisions are made in the store,” explains Kris Van Bael, EskoArtwork 3D and Visualization Product Manager. “This is why it’s so important for brand owners and retailers to evaluate packaging designs, displays and shelve layouts as early as possible in this realistic store context. Store Visualizer gives them this insight. It allows them to assess their designs in a retail environment before the packaging and displays are actually produced. No need to say this saves them significant time and money.”

Alexander Heiner, Managing Director at VTales Graphics, adds: “By working together with EskoArtwork, we reduce the need for costly and time-consuming packaging redesigns. Store Visualizer lets users create virtual mock-ups and place them in a real store, on real shelves next to rival products. Showing how designs perform in a store context, enables fast decisions and adjustments."






Assess the in-store impact of designs’ from your desk

The virtual packaging mock-ups are created with EskoArtwork packaging design software (ArtiosCAD or Studio). Using Store Visualizer, the mock-ups are easily placed on shelves or displays in realistic store environments. This way, brand managers can assess on screen the appeal of their designs early in the design cycle. The visuals can also be used by market research companies to measure the performance of different designs or shelf layouts. Heiner adds: “The end result is a design that performs better in the store, which will help spur sales and increase market share.”

Traditionally, these in-store assessments are made with physical mock-ups in imitation stores or with time consuming image retouching. Users of the technology benefit from shortened lead times during the market research and development stage, and can eliminate or reduce the need for expensive mock-ups and photo shoots.

 The software is ideal for packaging design agencies, converters and pre-media companies, allowing them to offer a new service to Brand Owners, Retailers or market researchers,

Van Bael concludes: “By adding Store Visualizer developed by VTales to our portfolio, we can offer our clients the most comprehensive suite of 3D packaging design software, enabling them to quickly and cost effectively take an idea from concept to shelf-ready.”

Store Visualizer is compatible with all Esko Suite 10 tools and is available immediately. To find out more about Store Visualizer, check out the demo movie here or visit the Esko website:



About VTales

VTales graphics is a software manufacturer based in Lannion, France. Since 2003, VTales specializes in the development of interactive 3D simulation and visualization software. Lyncis Pack and Store Visualizer are innovative 3D visualization application, created specifically to optimize packaging design and marketing. Besides solutions for the packaging industry, VTales also develops architectural and industrial simulation systems.

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