Integration into the creation process

With its new possibilities and solutions, Store Visualizer complements the various design creation programs already on the market.

The software does not require any specific IT infrastructure and has been designed for use on standard computers. You will be able to import files from existing CAO packages such as Esko Studio Visualizer, ArtiosCAD, 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Solidworks, SketchUp, CAPE, etc.

The usage of Store Visualizer in the design phase will seamlessly flow into product evaluation and marketing. The project can be presented to a customer, to an investor, or to a review board by using the same interactive visualization technology used by the designer.

A direct feedback link can be established between customer, marketing, and design, while the progression of the development process can be closely followed. This feedback keeps production in sync with customer demands, avoiding expensive prototypes and misunderstandings over details. Store Visualizer provides extensive support for efficient and cost effective exchange of visual data over electronic media such as email or the Internet.

Watch a video of an example workflow while creating Esko's Festive Store movie within Store Visualizer.


Presenting a package

Store Visualizer offers you a wide variety of possibilities for integrating virtual packages into your store environments and interacting with them. Specifically, you will be able to:

Put the packages on shelves in various locations.
Automate the storage and placement of multiple copies of the product.
View the product's appearance from a wide variety of angles.
Evaluate the area occupied by the products based on how they are placed on shelves and their sizes.
Modify the lighting (daylight, neon, halogen, etc) so you can assess the product's appearance and visual appeal under different lighting conditions.

Store environments and layouts

There is two solutions for presenting your packaging model in a store settings:

1. Virtual environments

If you prefer, we can also create a virtual store based on the information you have provided. This highly flexible system means that you will be able to change the configuration of the store layout at any time, based on your needs.


2. Real environments

Do you want to see what impact your prototype would have in an existing store next to products already on sale? If so, we will recreate for you the interior of a store you have chosen based on the photos that we have taken of the premises.



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