The very high-definition image quality offered by Store Visualizer will meet both your aesthetic needs and your performance requirements.

Get realistic picture of a wide range of materials such as cardboard, plasticised and laminated surfaces, glass, aluminium, etc.
View all types of shapes - from very simple shapes to highly complex ones.
Realtime ray tracing & refraction + Interactive liquid simulation and animation.
Simulate lighting and shadowing for a highly realistic representation of your products.
Add exceptional high-resolution graphics on packages (labels or cardboard boxes) and colour reproduction.
Easily focus in on any object without losing image quality or detail.


Consumer Insights: Virtual Store Research

The Consumer Insights module allows you to understand and hyper-target your ideal consumer through eye-tracking, heat maps, and visual behavior analysis in a 3D virtual store that you create.

With Consumer Insights, you can bring your consumer research and testing in-house, saving your research team time and money. Create or upload a planogram in Store Visualizer to create any 3D virtual store and display your product packaging, in-store displays, and end caps. Once you have your virtual store, place the VR headset on consumers to see first-hand what their eyes see on the store-shelf, and let them go on a shopping spree to understand their in-store behavior better.

The eye-tracking heat maps and behavioral data are compiled within the software and are exportable, making it easy to create reports that measure product visibility, performance, and shopper behavior. With this information, you can determine changes for your packaging design and marketing, such as in-store displays, bullnose, and end caps.



Conduct Research

Capture participant data: eye-tracking devices or eye-tracking in virtual reality.
Simulate an interactive shopping experience, track movement of research participants.
  Analyze your results
Live playback of heat maps of one or many participants.
Examine participant shopping experience and movement.
Playback fixation points.
Export data to other analytics packages.

Build virtual stores quickly using actual planogram data

Store Visualizer Prime comes with planogram integration. It allows you to import common planogram file formats. Create and populate visually stunning virtual 3D stores in minutes rather than days!

The software is able to display barcodes; pricing and other metadata associated with each of the imported products, and is ideal for use in store planning and category management.



The very high-definition image quality offered by Store Visualizer will meet both your aesthetic needs and your performance requirements.

Several 3D environments included. Custom flooring and wall materials, position aisles and shelf layout.
Import Collada files from Studio or ArtiosCAD.
Import 3D files from other 3D modeling software (3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Solidworks, SketchUp, Blender, etc.)
Import transparent PNG images as flat models.
Manage large sets of 3D models in libraries.
Place single packaging objects or fill available space with an array.
Swap objects, rearrange shelves.
Add floor standing units, posters.
Walk around pick up objects.
Physics simulation: Gravity, collision, friction.
Export to very hi-res images.
Export movies.
Export as a self-executing panoramic viewer for Mac or PC.
Touch screen capability.
Virtual reality (with Oculus and HTC Vive Pro).
Consumer Insights: Virtual Store Research.
Metadata management.
Category management.
Planogram integration (Store Visualizer Prime version only).
Esko’s Cape Pack palletization software integration (Store Visualizer Prime version only).

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